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Siham Chakrouni, Djia Mambu
publié le
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Jim Chuchu, Kenyan Film director

Siham Chakrouni (Africiné)

Djia Mambu (Africiné)

Scene of Homecoming





Producer Steven Markovitz, Vincent Moloi, Jim Chuchu and TIFF 2013 Officer, at Toronto

Jim Chuchu, Filmmaker

Jim Chuchu, Kenyan Filmmaker

Interview with Jim Chuchu, director of Homecoming (Kenya)
"I have been very lucky with my work"
Homecoming is a short contemporary story set in Nairobi. The short drama is a part of the African Metropolis Short Film Project about urban tales from the African continent.

Some filmmakers have to wait for their 3rd or 4th movie to be invited at the TIFF, but you're here, with your very first short. How do you feel about that?

The all thing is new for me. It is very interesting to see what happens to the film, after it is made. I didn't know about all the processes, the showing, etc... It is very interesting to watch. I found out the right people, I am not alone; I am getting used to explain my work now. It's cool that I am kind of cautioned to be very good at this here. I am lucky!

It is also the first time you're attending a festival, as a filmmaker. This is all new for you, are you feeling lost?

I went to a party and it is a little bit strange how people behave. It is like a king of big family, everybody know everybody, I was meeting people and introduced to people. These is kind of new for me, I am very happy to be here.

Homecoming it's an ambiguous and fantasy Nairobi-set science fiction story about a young guy obsessed by the girl next door, but who is failing every time he try to let her know about his feeling. Why this story?

The story changed a lot, since we started. I had to learn how to tell a story for a short film, because I have a big idea about end of the word in Nairobi. You love someone but you can't do it! I think everyone goes through that, one time in life; in a certain way or in at some level.

Your movie is a part of the African Metropolis Short Film Project as 5 others countries. Do you think it would have been possible to get this opportunity if it wasn't?

I don't think so; because it was my first time making a film. This is a very unique kind of confidential club you have to get over that, to make this happen. I don t think if I was making these on my own, I will got these.

The other filmmakers of the project (Vincent Moloi, Philippe Lacôte, etc.) have already directed short or documentary. Homecoming it's your very first work, why did they choose you?

I got an email from Steven Markovitz saying he may have a project for me. You know when sometimes you kind of waiting for that email? So this is it! I jumped on it and then I wrote a little synopsis.

The movie has been shown in Durban International film Festival for the very first time, but you didn't attempt. What happened?

I was in Germany for another kind of conference. Then they told me I couldn't apply for a visa in Germany. I have to go back in Nairobi and when I went to Nairobi they said we need three weeks to process this, so…

After this very unique experience, what will be next for you?

Going back home to shoot another film, and now I kind of understand why I need to do it. I cannot take a break now. Coming here helped me to understand that it is important to continue. I have been very lucky with my work.

by Djia Mambu and Siham Chakrouni
Toronto, september 2013

with the support of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

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18/07/2013 > 28/07/2013
festival |Afrique du Sud |
Festival international du Film de Durban (DIFF) 2013
34ème édition

05/09/2013 > 15/09/2013
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF 2013)
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