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Tunde Oladunjoye
publié le
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Memorable Meditarrean Cultural Night in Tunis
Edition Spéciale JCC 2006

Tuesday night, November 14th 2006; at the Maison La Culture Ibn Rachiq will no doubt be a memorable one for those who were lucky to have.
It was a cultural night packaged by the Cultural Association of Meditarrean Africa in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tunis .The night tagged Tunis-Bamako- Niafounke also served as homage to the Malian Musician, Ali Farka Toure.
First, a documentary film of about 25 minutes was screened to highlight the Hergla Film Festival held in 2005. After that, there was another very interesting short film titled Knowledge of Life by Sander Franchken (Netherland-Mali, 2005).
It was a good initative to promote a fledging film festival to the Carthage audience. The efforts put into publicity by the organisers of the cultural night really paid-off as the night was well attended as the lower and upper teraces of the Ibn Richaq venue was almost filled up.
The idea of a video documentary to promote a festival may not be a bad one for the Nigerian Film Corporation to promote Nigerian Film Festival in major international festivals.
The Meditarrean tean utilised music to a great extent in the video documentary that showed how the 2005 festival was organised from public mobilisation, to stage construction, film screening proper and even interractive session with journalists during the festival.
A scintilating live performence of Malian blues was staged by Afel Bocoum and his group, Alkibar - a six-piece troupe The band composed of two tennor guitarists, one bass guitarist, one local violin player, one local guitar player and the big calabash drum played facing the floor to produce a bass sound that set the rythmic pace of the music. The music is similar to Hausa music from Nothern Nigeria popularised by the great Dan Maraya Jos,
One nice tune was churned out after another, the appreciative audience clapped and danced till midnight. The only female dancer of the group, occassionally struts in and out of the stage to add pep to the lively scenario. There was no dull moment at all, and the unity of the group as evindenced in Alkibar's unique chereography was highly commendable, with the audience showing their appreciation with general applause

By Tunde Oladunjoye, Tuins, Tunisia

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