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Egbe Albert
Acteur/trice | Adaptateur/trice | Producteur/trice | Réalisateur/trice | Scénariste
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FEPACI (Fédération Panafricaine des Cinéastes) : Membre de la structure



Albert Egbe est né à Warri South (région de Delta State) au Nigeria.

Acteur, scénariste, Producteur et réalisateur, il a été le Trésorier Général de la FEPACI (Fédération panafricaine des cinéastes), de 2006 à 2013.
Il vit et travaille en Afrique du Sud.

South African Actor, ScriptWriter, Producer, Film Director.

Albert Egbe was born in Warri South Local Government area of Delta State of Nigeria, a region packed with traditions, folktales and cultural heroism. He has a B.A Hons degree in Latin and classical civilization from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1961 - 1965). In addition, he obtained ACEA and MBIM in 1979 and 1980 from London School of Accountancy.

His working career started in the civil service and spans several multi-national companies and international accounting firms.

Albert Egbe's artistic and creative experience places him at the forefront of Nigeria's arts scene. His acting roles include "Hamlet", "Ghosts", "Taming of the Shrew", "Village Headmaster: "Basic and Company", "Mister Johnson", "The King Must Dance Naked",' "The Thrift Collector" and "Dry Leaves". His most famous role was in the "Basi and Company", one of the most successful TV comedy series ever produced on Nigerian television.

Egbe also served as a producer on most of these programme - as well as award- winning works including "Mammy Water's Wedding (1990) "Steve Rhodes as 70 (1996) and UNICEF's "Water and Sanitation"' documentary programmes in Nigeria (1998).

As a writer, Albert Egbe has also left his footprints on the Nigerian landscape.
His screenplay adaptions include "Our Husband has Gone Mad Again", "Jagua Nana's Daughter" and M-Net award - winning "Twins of the Rain Forest". He also adapted for stage Joyce Cary's "Mr. Johnson".

Albert Egbe's flexibilility and immense talent in switching roles as actor, writer, producer and more recently as director, makes him one of the most versatile and outstanding artistes of his country.

In the area of training he helped establish and ran the ITPAN Film and Television School, Lagos for four years.

He was also a board member of the International Body of Professional Educators for Public Television (PREPUT),with headquarters in Holland, a sister organization of INPUT.

He has recently completed a feature-film screen play "Lemona," based on the novel by late Ken Saro-Wiwa of Nigeria. He is planning a co-production arrangement involving creative talents, technicians and equipment from South Africa, Nigeria, Benin Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, all in the spirit of New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).

Albert Edge now lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He was Treasurer General of FEPACI (Filmmakers Panafrican Federation), from 2006 to May 2013.

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tous les textes à propos de Egbe Albert


Juju Factory sacré meilleur long-métrage
Mohamadou Mahmoun Faye
publié le 13/08/2008 00:08:21

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31/05/2008 > 07/06/2008
festival |Cameroun |
Ecrans Noirs 2008
12ème édition


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