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Adriana Chiesa Enterprises Srl
Distribution | Production | Distribution (Ventes Internationales)

Via Barnaba Oriani 24a
00197 ROMA
tel.1 : +39/06/808 60 52
fax : +39/06/806 87 855
[envoyer un mail]
site :


Company Profile
ADRIANA CHIESA ENTERPRISES SRL (A.C.E.) was founded in 1990. In addition to ACE's principal activity, international film distribution, the Company also acquires films, concludes co-productions and actively participates in the development of film projects. Today, thanks to its professional approach, solid worldwide experience and relations, and multilingual and multi-cultural emphasis, A.C.E. boasts a truly international profile. The Company offers an impressive selection of over 300 titles of award-winning quality features, documentaries, and animation, by prestigious directors and emerging talent, as well as a rich catalogue of restored library films ranging from the legendary cult to classic.

A.C.E. first co-financed film was the U.S. production A House in the Hills directed by Ken Wiederhorn. Two of the first films the Company distributed internationally were Abel Ferrara's King of New York and Carlos Saura's Dispara. The Company was also exclusive distributor for Italy of Akira Kurosawa's Madadayo, and acquired rights for other territories.
Although A.C.E. represents productions of such renowned names as Carlos Saura, Akira Kurosawa, Mario Monicelli, Ettore Scola, Giuseppe Tornatore, Pupi Avati, Lina Wertmüller, Dario Argento, Roberto Faenza, as well as a new generation of directors including Silvio Soldini, Giuseppe Piccioni, Davide Ferrario, Roberta Torre, Kim Rossi Stuart, Mariantonia Avati, its commitment to encouraging new talent and artistic cinema is reflected in the product line-up. It has an international mix of product which is a successful effort to combine both quality and commercial effectiveness. Indeed its founder is considered somewhat a paradigm for young producers and distributors entering the industry for her profound appreciation of the talents of the creative community and dedication to each project.

Today, thanks to its professional approach, solid worldwide experience and relations, and multilingual and multi-cultural emphasis, A.C.E. boasts a truly international profile while being based in Italy.

Most recent involvement by A.C.E. has been the feature All the Invisible Children, directed by Mehdi Charef, Emir Kusturica, Spike Lee, Katia Lund, Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott, Stefano Veneruso and John Woo. It was produced by MK Film Productions under the auspices and with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with UNICEF and the World Food Programme. Some of the most recent titles distributed by A.C.E. are: Giuseppe Tornatore's new film La Sconosciuta, Le Rose del Deserto by Mario Monicelli, La Strada di Levi by Davide Ferrario, Viaggio Segreto by Roberto Ando', Anche Libero Va Bene by Kim Rossi Stuart, La Cena Per Farli Conoscere by Pupi Avati.

A.C.E. was also Italian producer of the three-act Broadway success Death Defying Acts by Woody Allen, David Mamet and Elaine May as well as of Writer's Block the two-act play by Woody Allen on stage in Italy as of January 2005.


1999 - European Exporter of the year
2006 - Grolla d'oro for Best Film Exporters
Member of the board of EFA - European Film Academy
Vice-President of EFEA - European Film Exporters Association

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Sortie de scène (Glorious Exit) 2007
Distribution (Ventes Internationales)

Enfants invisibles (Les) 2005

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