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Beti Ellerson Poulenc, Djia Mambu
publié le
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Djia Mambu (Africiné Magazine)

Beti Ellerson Poulenc, Translater

Jeong-One Park, Korean Filmmaker

Still from Yund Ya Paang Paagba

Kim Longinotto, British Filmmaker

Brenda Myers-Powell (Dreamcatcher)

Dianah Bailey and Brenda Myers-Powell (Dreamcatcher)

La Révolution des Femmes : Un siècle de féminisme arabe, by Feriel Ben Mahmoud

La Révolution des Femmes : Un siècle de féminisme arabe, by Feriel Ben Mahmoud

Fériel Ben Mahmoud, Tunisian Filmmaker

Konstanze Burkard, German filmmaker

Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian Writer

Still from Aïcha, by Karima Saidi

Africiné Magazine, the World Leader (African & Diaspora Films)

Meanwhile, They're filming…
Report on the Festival Elles Tournent, 2016

At the eighth edition of the Elles Tournent (they're filming) Film Festival in Brussels, in the span of a few days, forty films of all genres by women filmmakers of all nationalities captivated a loyal and consistently avid public.

While one may hear that there are not enough women filmmakers, that their works are not very profitable, or that they are not sufficiently visible to the public, all these arguments seem out-dated and pointless when it comes to festivals that distinguishes themselves, such as the festival "Elles Tournent".

According to a Belgian study, "Femmes et cinéma : Derrière l'écran, où sont les femmes ?" (Engender asbl, forthcoming) ["Women and cinema: Behind the screen, where are the women?"] violence, sexuality and the male lead character are much less likely to be on the screens of women directors than those of their male counterparts. Is it the public who makes this choice or is it the funders who drive it, hence undervaluing their interest? "The content should be imposed on the funders, not the makers", noted a filmmaker from Canada, where the film industry has decided to eliminate the notion of quotas.

Whether fiction, documentary, experimental or advertising, perhaps this is the most common characteristic among all these women makers and their film. If one considers that most of these makers are struggling to be heard, they do not hesitate to bring the voices of other women who are reduced to silence (sometimes mute) on the screen. In Kung Fu Grandma, Korean Jeong-One Park examined the resistance of elderly ladies to sexual assaults, as they are the main prey in the slums in Kenya.

Read the full (English) article on

Djia Mambu,
Brussels, February 2016
Translation from French by Beti Ellerson

Published on the African Women in Cinema Blog in partnership with Africiné Magazine| Publié sur l' Source (in French) / Article original (Français) :

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Aïcha [dir. K. Saïdi] 2015
Karima Saïdi

Dreamcatcher 2015
Kim Longinotto

Kung Fu Grandma 2012
Jeong-One Park

Révolution des femmes, un siècle de féminisme arabe 2014
Fériel Ben Mahmoud

The Free Voice Of Egypt - Nawal El Saadawi 2015
Konstanze Burkard

Une Africaine sur Seine 2015
Ndéye Marame Guèye

Yund ya paang paagba 2014
Haoua Sangaré, Elise Boon

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al-Salami Khadija

Ben Mahmoud Fériel

Boon Elise

Burkard Konstanze

Farsi Sepideh

Khosrovani Firouzeh

Longinotto Kim

Park Jeong-One

Saïdi Karima

Sangaré Haoua


03/03/2015 > 31/03/2015
cycle de cinéma |Tunisie |
Elles tournent ! Projection débat de films réalisés par des femmes, mars 2015
TUNIS : Women are Filmmakers (March 3 to 31) / Les femmes réalisatrices à l'honneur (Du 03 au 31 mars)

28/01/2016 > 01/02/2016
festival |Belgique |
Elles Tournent 2016 - Dames Draaien
8ème édition. Festival International de Films de Femmes de Bruxelles

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African Women in Cinema Blog

CITO (Carrefour International de Théâtre de Ouagadougou)
Burkina Faso | Ouagadougou

Vanuit het Zuiden (Depuis le Sud)

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