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AJANI Handmade

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AJANI Handmade is a social enterprise aimed at empowering African women through care & acceptance of their natural beauty. AJANI Handmade came to be after realizing a gap in the local Kenyan beauty industry catering to natural, conscious and healthy hair and skin care. We are a social enterprise aimed at catering to the demands of a growing natural and organic hair and skin care market for the self-aware and environmentally conscious, and through our work, we act as an empowerment platform for African women through self acceptance and self esteem through redefining standards of beauty by celebrating differences in our physical make up.

"Four years spent studying away from the luxuries and privileges of home left me with two degrees, an afro, a world of information on African natural hair care and a will to make changes in the world around me. Through searching for information on how to care for unprocessed natural hair, I found that my story was one of many, experiences that touched on identity, self awareness and self- esteem and that sharing these stories often led to conversations of empowerment, the unearthing of many histories and hidden social truths, and best of all, newly generated information and education on unprocessed African hair care, which to my disbelief was previously unavailable. Vast amounts of information and knowledge that stemmed from my own and other people's experiences paired with a new holistic and health- consciousness attitude led to two years of mixing, melting and whipping natural concoctions until I settled on a natural hair and body butter recipe that I use on my hair and skin. After countless requests from my mother to save her a jar each time I whipped up a batch, I decided to share my recipe as part of Kenyan based product line for individuals with similar needs. I was keen to use my skills and passions to navigate the world of social development, particularly pertaining to African women and how our life worlds affect our agency and capacities. Hair became my way of doing so.”- Founder, Sharon Njavika

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