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Afrika'n Vogue/Even-Ezra Studios
Production | Production Exécutive

Obafemi B. Lasode, CEO/Executive Producer
Maroko, off Lekki-Epe Expressway, by Mobil filling Station, Victoria Island,
P.O. Box 51385
Tel: (234) 803 379 7999
Falomo, Lagos
tel.1 : (234) 802 321 1017
tel.2 : (234-1) 4618102/ 2611927
fax : (234-1) 2611062
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site :


En 1995, Obafemi Bandele LASODE, après un long séjour aux USA retourne chez lui au Nigéria et créé Afrika'n Vogue/Even-Ezra Studios qui produit des programmes de radio & T.V. pour des chaînes de télé et radio à travers le monde.

In 1995, Obafemi Bandele Lasode returned home (from USA) to Nigeria and established Afrika'n Vogue/Even-Ezra Studios which presently produces radio and T.V. programmes for T.V. and Radio stations, world-wide.


Even-Ezra Studios, one of the foremost audio and visual studios in Nigeria, realising the strength in growth beyond the Nigerian shore, has decided that the time is now ripe to further expand the creative boundaries of the Nigerian Home Movie and Film, and break into the world market. Knowing fully well that the greatest successes of the Nigerian Home Video and Film Industry will be realised with International exposure; it is this potential that Even-Ezra Studios intends to explore with films such as, Sango (pronounced: Shango), Osun the benevolent (pronounced Oshun) and Amazons of Afrika.

The aims and objectives of the producers of the African epic movie, SANGO (pronounced: Shango), are to:
* Bring tales of African legends into the fore through film(s) and home videos;
* provide television/film audiences with good quality locally-produced entertainment;
* break the barriers confronting contemporary African art in all its ramifications;
* develop and produce programmes for business promotion and investment for the international market;
* promote Nigeria's, indeed Africa's, cultural heritage with a view to educating the world on the richness and diversity of Africa.

Even-Ezra Studios consist of ultra-modern, state-of-art studios fully equipped to meet and satisfy the advertising and promotional needs of corporate organisations, advertising agencies, newly commissioned private broadcasting houses, independent producers, and international organisations.
Even-Ezra Studios are equipped with the following audio-video equipment:
* Digital DVCAM, Betacam and U-matic broadcasting quality cameras, plus Betacam and high band video cassette recorders.
* On-line Digital, Betacam and U-matic editing suite.
* Non-linear computer editing capabilities.
* Special effect machines and charater generators.
* Full production accessories such as light kits and boom microphones
* Fully equipped MIDI Digital Audio Studio with Adat-recorder, TASCAM 16-track recorder and two 24-track mixers, plus various tone generators, samplers and sound effect.

Even-Ezra Studios effectively provide the following production services as listed below: Radio and TV Programmes (including Documentaries), Radio & TV Jingles, Commercials, Public Service Announcements (PSA); and Musical videos.

The charges are moderate and reasonable. The technical crew, experienced and exposed. Even-Ezra Studios' production and post-production services are quite modern. The studios welcome facility-visits to enable interested persons see first-hand what is available.

EVEN-EZRA STUDIOS, designs, edits and produces a complete range of varied and interrelated media. Take advantage of the ultra-modern equipment. The team of professionals will add impact to your presence, thus giving a higher profile to your company.

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Sango 1997

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Obafemi B. Lasode

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